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Punjab Agricultural University’s Farm Advisory Service Centre (FASC) in Hoshiarpur (Gangian) successfully concluded a six-day training program focused on ‘Integrated Pest Management in field crops, fruits and vegetables” held from March 4 to March 9, 2024. Organized under the Directorate of Extension Education, PAU, Ludhiana, in collaboration with PAMETI, PAU Campus Ludhiana, the initiative aimed to equip rural youth with essential knowledge and skills in integrated pest management. The training programme emphasizes on the responsible use of pesticides in agriculture and stressing on the importance of careful decision-making in field preparation based on ecological considerations to maximize returns. It was led by Dr Charanjeet Kaur, Senior Extension Scientist (SM) at FASC Gangian. She stressed on “Do not use unrecommended pesticides and adopt right spray technology for effective control of insects/pests and weeds.” She advised the trainees to adopt IPM practices to maximize their returns from various crops. Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, District Extension Scientist (Entomology) discussed the harmful effects of various types of insect-pests, infesting the field crops, especially, paddy, basmati and maize. He also explained the cultural and chemical control/management of insect-pests of field crops. He further emphasized the significance of early detection and monitoring of pests and scientifically recommended pest management methods for different crops. He demonstrated the practical application of yellow sticky traps, delta traps, and other IPM management practices for handling pests and diseases in field crops. Dr Indira Devi, District Extension Scientist (Fruits), shed light on importance of IPM in fruit plants and vegetables. She further stresses that most of fruits and vegetables are consumed raw and pesticide residue in these crops can lead to health hazards. Expert speakers like Dr Maninder Singh Bons, Associate Director at KVK Bahowal, elaborated on IPM in vegetable crops. Additionally, representatives from agricultural agencies discussed the various schemes of their departments. The training also included an educational visit to the progressive farmer Sh Narinder Toor farm in the village of Aijowal. Toor shared his journey and experiences in management of insect pest and diseases in various crops.

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