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In an endeavor towards sustainable living, Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) students from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) organized different camps encompassing diverse themes such as food processing, crop residue management, celebration of Green Diwali, planting kitchen gardens and fruit trees, and paddy straw management. The activities performed in the village Jarkhar unfolded as a platform for students to delve into a range of environmental and agricultural issues. With a mission to promote eco-friendly practices, the participants showcased their dedication to creating a positive impact on both the local communities and the environment.

In a remarkable initiative, students showcased their prowess on various aspects of food processing such as preservation, packaging, and quality control. The camp also featured expert session from Dr Gurnaaz, Assistant Professor of Processing and Food Engineering, who shared insights into the latest trends and advancements in the field.

Simultaneously, a camp highlighting the significance of crop residue management and addressing the critical issue of stubble burning was also organized. Students engaged in discussions with farmers and practical demonstrations to explore alternative uses for crop residue, emphasizing the importance of adopting responsible agricultural practices. Besides, a spirited rally focused on paddy straw management was taken out by the students of the secondary school. The AEO Gurmeet Kaur Dhaliwal coordinated the rally. Students, carrying banners and raising awareness slogans, paraded through nearby communities, educating residents about the harmful effects of burning paddy straw and advocating for responsible waste management practices.

Encouraging eco-friendly decorations and discouraging fireworks, students in collaboration with Department of Forestry and Natural Resources planted trees in the primary school and around village locality to raise awareness about the environmental impact of traditional Diwali practices. The green initiatives extended to the cultivation of kitchen gardens and orchards, encouraging hands-on approach to sustainable living.

Dr Kuldeep Singh, Head, Department of Extension Education, said that these camps stood as a testament to PAU’s dedication to nurturing of socially responsible and environmentally conscious individuals that actively engaged in creating a sustainable future.

Dr Lavleesh Garg, Extension Scientist, explained different activities conducted at Skill Development Centre, PAU and further stressed upon the adoption of subsidiary occupations to boost income.

Dr Pankaj Kumar emphasized on the cultivation of gobhi sarson variety GSC 7 for better health.

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