The Department of Food and Nutrition, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), under All India Coordinated Research Project on Women in Agriculture, organized a series of nutritional awareness camps in four villages, namely Paddi Khalsa, Himanyupura, Baddowal and Sherpur Kalan of Punjab to celebrate National Nutrition Month.

Giving details, Dr Kiran Grover, Head, Department of Food and Nutrition, stated that National Nutrition Month is a period where we come together to impart knowledge and foster a sense of responsibility towards our health in our pursuit of a healthier nation. It serves as a reminder for all of us to prioritize our nutrition and make conscious decisions to lead healthier lives.

The camps were organized under the supervision of Dr Renuka Aggarwal, Scientist of the Department, who informed that during the camps all sections of rural community including school going children, farmers and farm women were approached. The camps aimed at raising awareness regarding anemia and its prevention, importance of millets and their numerous health benefits, use of unconventional and regional foods, and preventing obesity with healthy diet, she told. The analysis of height, weight and body composition along with testing of random blood sugar and blood pressure were the key highlights of the camps. Besides, the students of Masters Programme of the department offered personalized dietary recommendations to the participants for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she said. The students demonstrated their creativity and commitment by crafting visually captivating handmade posters and pamphlets. The illustrations of healthy recipes not only tantalized taste buds but also offered practical solutions for healthier eating habits, added she.

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