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Punjab Agricultural University’s Regional Research Station (RRS) in Bathinda organized a comprehensive Cotton Training Programme to equip cotton farmers with the latest best practices to enhance yield, quality, and sustainability. Under the auspices of the CICR-CCI project, this initiative brought together esteemed experts and farmers to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration in cotton cultivation.

Dr KS Sekhon, Director of RRS Bathinda, set the stage for insightful sessions. At the same time, speakers such as Dr Kulvir Singh and Dr Paramjit Singh introduced the project’s objectives and shed light on the current scenario of cotton cultivation in Punjab and India.

Experts delved into various facets of cotton farming, covering topics ranging from the selection of Bt cotton hybrids/varieties to agronomic interventions and nutrient management. Key insights were shared on integrated pest management strategies, including the management of pink bollworm and sucking pests, as well as disease management.

Innovative techniques for pest control, such as SPLAT and the PB knot technique, were highlighted, along with discussions on the management of cotton sticks for successful control of pink bollworm. The event also featured remarks from Gurdeep Singh, representing CCI and acknowledging the programmes significance in advancing cotton cultivation.

In his address, Dr Karanjit Singh Gill, Chief Agricultural Officer of Bathinda, praised the training programme and elaborated on schemes run by the Department of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare Punjab to promote cotton cultivation.

In the closing note, Dr Paramjit Singh, Principal Cotton Breeder, thanked all participants, speakers, and organizers for their valuable contributions towards advancing cotton farming practices—the event, coordinated by Dr GS Romana, Principal Agri. Economist at RRS Bathinda was a platform for fostering collaboration and collective efforts towards sustainable cotton cultivation in Punjab and beyond.

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