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PAU-KVK Mansa organized 5.04.2024 a field day aimed at showcasing the potential of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) recommended Surface Seeder for wheat sowing. Held on the productive fields of progressive farmer Sardar Gurmail Singh in Village Mohr Singh Wala, the event attracted over 50 enthusiastic farmers eager to explore innovative agricultural solutions.

The spotlight of the event shone on the Surface Seeder, hailed for its remarkable cost-effectiveness and its role as a game-changer in wheat sowing practices. Notably, this innovative technology offers a sustainable alternative for managing paddy straw, mitigating the need for environmentally harmful burning practices.

Attendees were treated to comprehensive insights into the functionality of the Surface Seeder machine, including essential precautions for its effective operation in the field. Demonstrations were conducted, allowing farmers to witness firsthand the seamless integration of this technology into their farming practices.

The culmination of the event was marked by a visit to the demonstration plot, where farmers had the opportunity to observe the Surface Seeder in action, garnering appreciation and positive feedback from all participants.

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