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Punjab Agricultural University’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Hoshiarpur, in collaboration with Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, organized a dynamic field day 7.03.2024 spotlighting the utilization of the PAU Surface Seeder for wheat sowing. Held at village Saila Khurd in block Garhshankhar, Hoshiarpur, the event showcased innovative agricultural practices to enhance crop productivity while promoting environmental sustainability.

Farmers S. Ramandeep Singh and S. Narinder Singh, pioneers in adopting modern farming techniques, utilized the PAU Surface Seeder for the first time under the guidance of KVK scientists. They showed 5 acres and 4 acres, respectively, demonstrating this method’s efficacy in wheat sowing amidst paddy residue.

During interactions with farmers, Dr Maninder Singh Bons, Associate Director (Training) at KVK Hoshiarpur, underscored the imperative of discarding residue burning to safeguard the environment. He elucidated the adverse impacts of crop residue burning. He advocated for adopting non-burning practices, particularly emphasizing the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the in-situ paddy residue management technique facilitated by the PAU Surface Seeder. Dr Bons highlighted that the machine, operable with a 45 HP tractor, can sow 1.5 acres of wheat per hour at a cost ranging from Rs. 700-800 per acre. Additionally, he provided valuable insights into pest management practices relevant to various Rabi crops, aiming to bolster farmers’ proficiency in pest control.

Overseeing the field demonstration of the PAU Surface Seeder, Dr. Ajaib Singh, Assistant Professor (Agricultural Engineering), elucidated its functionality in ensuring uniform broadcasting of wheat seed and fertilizer and the efficient cutting and spreading of whole straw in a combine-harvested field.

Dr. Karamvir Singh Garcha, an Assistant Professor of Vegetable Science, emphasized the importance of integrated nutrition gardening in enhancing agricultural sustainability and crop yields.

The successful germination of the wheat crop and the farmers’ satisfaction with its performance underscored the efficacy of the demonstrated technique. The interactive session facilitated on-the-spot query resolution, fostering meaningful exchanges of information and knowledge among participants.

The presence of progressive farmers such as S. Iqbal Singh, S. Kuldeep Singh, S. Arwinder Singh, S. Sukhrandeep Singh, S. Lovedeep Singh, S. Gursewak Singh, S. Taranjit Singh, and S. Sukhjinder Singh further enriched the gathering, reflecting the collective commitment of the farming community towards adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

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