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Crop scientists of PAU have issued recommendations to AH farmers for the prevention of Gulli Dande during wheat sowing. Head of the department, Dr. Makhan Singh Bhullar said that Gulli Danda is the main weed of wheat crop. If it is not prevented in time, it reduces the yield of wheat considerably. Its prevention is mostly done by applying herbicides after the first irrigation. But due to the continuous use of these herbicides, especially where the same herbicide is used every year, it has developed resistance to the herbicide in those fields so that it is now effectively controlled by using these herbicides. does not happen In these conditions, it is more beneficial to use herbicides at the time of sowing of wheat to control the stem borer.

He further said that the weed killers used at the time of sowing do not allow the guli stalks to grow. Immediately after wheat sowing one of the herbicides like Stomp/Bunker/Dost 30 EC. (Pendimethalin @1.5 litre; Avkira/Momiji 85 per cent (pyroxasulfan) @60 gm; Platform 385 SE (Pendimethalin+Metribugin) @1.0 liter or Dakshaplus 48 EC (Pendimethalin+Metribugin) @900 ml. Spray per acre.

Giving more information, Dr. Bhullar said that for spraying, use 200 liters of water per acre and cut or tuck nozzles should be used. Prefer lucky seed drill for sowing which is better than wheat sowing and weedicide spraying. When spraying herbicides, it is very important that the field is well-drained, that the field is free from weeds and that the spraying is uniform. Apart from this, non-chemical methods can also be used to prevent the weevil at the time of sowing. As wheat sown by surface seeding-cum-mulching method provides effective control of golly stem and other weeds. A wheat field sown in this way is completely covered with paddy straw which prevents weeds from growing. Similarly, using Happy Seeder, in paddy field, weed crop is also very less in wheat crop as here also the paddy stubble in the field keeps the weeds under control. So, in fields with Gulli Dande problem, Gulli Dande can be prevented at the time of sowing by using the above mentioned herbicides or by sowing wheat with surface seeding-cum-mulching or Happy Seeder.

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