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A Farmer-Scientist Interaction, jointly organized by FASC, Amritsar, and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Amritsar, proved insightful as over 100 farmers engaged with experts in addressing the Yellow Rust menace in wheat.

Dr Rajan Bhatt, Associate Professor of Soil Science at KVK, emphasized the significance of soil and water testing for upcoming spring crops, advocating for integrated nutrient management and promoting vermicompost to prevent termite attacks. Green manuring was highlighted as a solution for salt-affected soils, with discussions on micronutrient deficiencies in wheat.

Dr Gurmeet Singh from FASC, Amritsar, shared insights on aphid management using neem-based insecticides, stressing the importance of vigilance against yellow rust and prompt spraying when symptoms arise.

The event concluded with Shamsher Singh, a progressive farmer, expressing gratitude for the valuable insights shared by the expert team.

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