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Boat based solar pumping system:

An irrigation system operated by solar energy is being developed for irrigation to the diara/ dhab land of Bihar. The system comprising of submersible pump will river water to the adjoining diara/ dhab land which remain thirsty of irrigation water for the entire crop period.

Laghu Sinchai Yantra:

This drum based irrigation system has been developed for the marginal farmers involved in vegetable cultivation in diara lands where water is available near their fields but they cannot afford a pumping system. With the help of this portable irrigation system they can carry about 200 litres of water to their field and then apply it to the crops with the help of micro- irrigation system.

Development of self-reliant banana farming module for Bihar:

Banana being a major fruit crop of the state, project has been undertaken by the university from its own resources to develop a self-reliant banana farming module. The objectives of the project are to standardize the processes for extraction of fibre, pulp and sap from the pseudo-stem, explore the possibilities of using different parts of the crop as cattle feed and to exhibit the impact of modern irrigation methods on banana production.

This project may show a path to the banana growers for a self-reliant and self-sustainable banana farming system and help in developing entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

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