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A new groundnut variety, Raj Mungfali-3 (RG 559-3)’, was released in 2016 by the Central Sub Committee on Crop Standards, Release and Notification of Varieties, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for cultivation in kharif season (June–October) in the states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh of India (Zone I). ‘Raj Mungfali-3 is a Virginia bunch (Arachis hypogaea ssp hypogaea var. hypogaea) variety bred at the ICAR Directorate of Groundnut Research, Junagadh, Gujarat through a three way cross (TKG 19A x Kadiri-3) x TKG19A.The breeding material was supplied by ICAR-DGR, Junagadh at F6 stage to RARI, Durgapura one of centers of AICRP-G under SKNAU, Jobner Rajasthan who proposed this genotype for multi-locational testing and release.

Salient features

  • Raj Mungfali 3 is high yielding Virginia Bunch genotype with medium maturity (125 days).
  • Raj Mungfali 3 has given higher (3173 kg/ha) pod yield over the all zonal check varieties— 21.8% increase over Girnar 2 (2605 kg/ha); 22.4% over GG 21 (2592 kg/ha); 17.7% over HNG 69 (2696 kg/ha); 28.8% over Utkarsh (2463 kg/ha); 17.0% over CSMG 19 (2713 kg/ha); 17.4% over Raj Mungfali-1 (2703 kg/ha) and 23.7% over HNG 123 (2564 kg/ha).
  • Similarly for kernel yield (2201 kg/ha) RG 559-3 gave 25.2% increase over Girnar 2 (1757 kg/ha); 23.4% over GG 21 (1783 kg/ha); 20.5% over HNG 69 (1828 kg/ha); 29.8% over Utkarsh (1696 kg/ha); 19.3% over CSMG 19 (1845 kg/ha); 26.5% over Raj Mungfali-1 (1843 kg/ha) and 19.4% over HNG 123 (1740 kg/ha).
  • Shelling out-turn is high (69%) in Raj Mungfali with extra-large seeds (65g/100 Kernels) compared to all check varieties [Girnar 2 (58 g), GG 21 (53 g) HNG 69 (59 g), CSMG 19 (60 g), Raj mungfali-1 (54g) and HNG 123 (57 g)].


  • Owing to its extra-large seeds, the variety Raj Munfalli-3 fetches Rs. 1000/quintal additionally compared to other varieties in the market. Thus additional income to the farmer by growing this variety is Rs 5000-7000/-per ha.
  • The fodder yield is also very high (2500-3000 kg/ha) in Raj Munfalli-3 which would generate an income Rs 8000-10000/-.
  • Oil content is high (49%) in Raj Mungfali 3 and has yielded 1078 kg/ha of oil per ha which is 21-32% higher compared to other check varieties.
  • Incidences of Peanut Bud Necrosis, Late Leaf Spot and rust diseases in Raj Mungfali 3 are lower compared to zonal check varieties resulting in qualitative and quantitative improvement in groundnut fodder.
  • Raj Mungfali 3 has shown tolerance against Spodoptera litura, leaf miner, leaf hopper and thrips leading to reduction in 10-15% cost saving under plant protection

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