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Honey is high value food product which has great demand worldwide. In recent years, enormous increase in side-effects of sugar consumption enhances the demand of honey in rural and urban areas. Honey processing by traditional methods is very time consuming, labourious and has direct impact on quality of honey. Therefore, modern honey processing techniques are increasing day-by-day among beekeepers and have a very bright potential. In this regard, Farmer FIRST Project, CIPHET is working on this intervention to enhance awareness, income and employment opportunities in honey processing. In Punjab state, district Bathinda has been selected for honey production under one district-one product (ODOP) scheme. Thus, a farmer-interest group of 20 bee-keepers from vill. Bandi, Bathinda, Punjab has been created by the FFP team. They approached ICAR-CIPHET for technical guidance and support on honey processing. FFP team imparted hands-on-training on modern honey processing and packaging and guided them on marketing of processed honey in retail/wholesale market. A MoU has also been signed for handing over of Honey processing unit (capacity: 25-30 kg/batch) between ICAR-CIPHET and beekeeper Mr. Jasveer Singh from Bathinda, Punjab. Dr. Sandeep Mann (PI, FFP), Dr. Rahul K. Anurag (Co-PI, FFP), Dr. Renu Balakrishnan (Co-PI, FFP) and Mr. Sachin Mittal (SRF, FFP) awarded certificate of MoU to beekeeper. Dr. Sandeep Mann also assured to group that all the possible help and guidance will be extended for establishment of this honey processing center.

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