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  • The field visit was conducted jointly by a team of 3 Scientists, one Research Associate and one SRF from ICAR-CICR Nagpur, and 16 Agriculture Department Officials, Yavatmal to know the pest and disease situation in 3 talukas of Yavatmal district.
  • In total 8 fields from 3 talukas namely Yavatmal, Kalamb, and Babhulgaown of Yavatmal district was visited.
  • The cotton crop was about 75 days old in the squaring, flowering, and boll development stage. Cotton crop growth in fields with proper drainage was satisfactory but due to prolonged wet spells wherever water stagnated, stunted growth, especially in the low-lying areas of the field, was observed.
  • Farmers applied 1-2 sprays of insecticides against sucking pests and bollworms.
  • None of the fields showed the presence of rosette flowers.
  • Due to rain splashes, most of the fields showed leaf blight symptoms on the lower canopy of the crop.
  • Collected green boll samples from the visited fields indicated Nil pink bollworm infestation while boll rot incidence was varying from 0-15%.
  • The team members interacted with about 25 farmers and suggested insecticides and fungicides be used in the current season.

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