Progressive Farmers

Sh. Bhale Ram is a progressive dairy farmer of village Juglan which is one of the 8 adopted villages of the Institute. Before 2001 Sh. Bhale Ram preferred Natural Science to artificial insemination for breeding buffaloes. His attitude towards the AI practice was very poor. However, with regular meetings and motivation over a period of […]

Institutional Mechanism and Technological Backstopping to Promote Women Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar conducted a study in a cluster comprising two villages’ viz., Sankilo and Tentalpur under Nischintakoili block of Cuttack district of Odisha under ICAR-NASF funded project by adopting 40 farm women. During the first year, critical gender gap indicators were identified and prioritized using the SHEET (Social-Health-Environmental-Economic-Technological) Module. On […]

Air-Breathing Fish Culture

The air-breathing fishes are distinguished by the possession of an accessory respiratory (air-breathing) organ, which enables them to exist for hours at times out of the water, or indefinitely in oxygen-poor waters and even in moist mud. Not only they are able to thrive in water containing low oxygen but they are also extremely hardy […]

Promotion of Rice Based Cropping System under Rice Fallows of Goa

PROBLEMS/CONSTRAINTS The undulating topography coupled with high rainfall and flooding by drained water from uplands makes rice the most suitable crop for this region. The majority of farmers take up a single crop of rice leaving the land fallow during Rabi although these lowlands have a huge potential to grow crops due to the availability […]

Salient Achievements

 Enhancement of Productivity of Diversified Avian Species Developed improved Japanese quail varieties viz., CARI-Uttam meat type (BW 240g at 5 wk); CARI- Pearl layer (295 eggs/annum) and disseminated all over the country In order to address Wild Life (P) Act-related issues, alternate plumage color quail varieties, viz. White-breasted CARI-Ujjawal, brown feather white-breasted CARI-Sunehari, and all-white plumage CARI-Sweta […]