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A Mango Buyer-Seller Meet was organized by the Agri-Business Incubation Centre for mango export promotion on 28th April 2023. Mango exporters, farmers, traders, FPOs, Community based Organizations (CBO) from Lucknow, Sitapur, Hardoi, Lakhimpur and other nearby districts and ICAR-CISH scientists were linked through this meeting for the successful export of mango. The programme was inaugurated with lamp lightening & ICAR song by the Chief Guest, Dr. R.K. Pal, Advisor, FSSAI and Former Director, ICAR-NRC Pomegranate, Solapur, Dr. V.B. Patel, ADG, Fruit & Plantation Crops, ICAR, N. Delhi, Dr. B. K. Pandey, Former ADG, Horticulture ICAR, N. Delhi, Director, ICAR-CISH, Dr. T. Damodaran and other dignitaries. Dr. Maneesh Mishra, organizer of the event and Principal Scientist introduced all the experts and briefed about the meeting. Dr. Damodaran addressed that Gl-125 Malihabad-Mango is a world class mango. However, it needs to be reached in various countries through developing a proper channel and export system. ICAR-CISH is providing a platform for establishing the connection of mango growers, FPO and CBO to the exporters. Moreover, the institute is ready to provide CISH technology of mango export for safe transportation in containers through sea route. Furthermore, Dr. B. K. Pandey shared the SOP of mango export with exporters and farmers and narrated the important points to be taken care from harvesting to export. Chief Guests, Dr. R.K. Pal and Dr. V.B. Patel expressed their words of appreciation for the efforts made for the development and support of mango farmers and export. They also assured to the stakeholders for their support and help in this endeavour. Mango growers, representatives of Awadh Aam Utpadak Ewam Bagwani Samiti and TAFARI FPC conveyed the problems of farmers in connecting with exporters. They also raised the issue of getting decent mango rates to the farmers. Sh. Dayashankar Singh from IRADA Foundation addressed the problem of middle man in trading and supply chain of mango. The exporter Mr. Akram Baig and Mr. Vaiju Gangadhara, Manager Administration, Fair Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Lulu Group, India assured mango farmers to solve their problems and ready to take mangoes for export at their best prices. They mentioned that Indian mangoes have huge market and demand in international market and showed willingness to work with mango farmers. All the experts and participants visited the Mango Pack House, Malihabad for inspection of facilities of mango processing and packaging before export. About 57 mango growers were directly benefitted through this mango buyer and seller meet.

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