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  • To develop and coordinate research in the university, promote inter-disciplinary collaboration in research programs and collaborate with the Directorate of Extension Education in extending the results of various research programs to the fields.
  • Coordinate all research activities conducted within the departments of colleges by members of the staff and post-graduate students in the university through the Dean of the Colleges.
  • To formulate research plans, policies, and programs in consultation with the Deans and Directors through the Research Council of the university.
  • To administer control over research staff and funds for the pursuance of the research program.
  • To act as a Principal Liaison Officer/ Nodal Officer for dealing with aid-granting agencies for carrying out different research programs/projects in the university.
  • To publish research findings of the university, issue press releases pertaining to the research problems and findings, and represent the university in Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars/ Group Meetings regarding research.
  • To provide leadership in the development and maintenance of research standards of a high level in the university.


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