Main Responsibilities/Functions of the Directorate of Research

To develop and coordinate research in the university, promote inter-disciplinary collaboration in research programs and collaborate with the Directorate of Extension Education in extending the results of various research programs to the fields. Coordinate all research activities conducted within the departments of colleges by members of the staff and post-graduate students in the university through […]

Impact of the technologies developed by the university

The crop production technologies and new high-yielding improved varieties developed by the university have helped increase agri. production. For the spread of the high-yielding crop varieties, the university produces and supplied every year about 6500 to 7,000 quintals of seeds of improved varieties of rice, millets, and pulses to the farming community. This has helped […]

Dau Shri Vasudev Chandrakar Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya – Annual Report 2020

Consistently university students are excelling in academics which is depicted by their selection for higher education in various national institutes like the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM), Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT), Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) and Central […]

Varieties of CCSHAU : Continued Efforts Towards Food Security

The role of improved high-yielding cultivars in attaining enhanced agricultural productivity is well known and well documented. Of course, there are other factors such as beer management, input support, and irrigation facilities that supplemented the performance of semi-dwarf high-yielding wheat and rice varieties during the Green Revolution period, but the improved varieties have been the […]