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KVK, Palem organized a Training programme on Integrated Management in Mango & Diagnostic field visit at Raithu vedika, Kalwakol(V), Nagar kurnool dist. on 05.01.2024. Dr. Adhi Shankar, SMS (Horticulture), KVK, Palem Training given on Integrated practices like, selection of site, planting, After care, training and pruning, irrigation, integrated nutrient, pest and disease management, special practices like training and pruning, bio fertilizer application, inter-cropping systems and postharvest techniques to the farmers by SMS(Hort). K. Ramakrishna, SMS (CP), KVK, Palem given Training and method demo on Drum seeding technology in Paddy. Diagnostic field visited to mango nursery and observed Anthracnose disease on nursery plants, recommended to spraying of carbendazim+ Mancozeb@2g/ L at monthly interval. Explanied about MIDH, NHB schemes and subsidy by Horticultural officer. Sri. Ravi, ADA, kollapur promised to made available drum seeder implement to all the farmers to demonstrate this technology in the division. In this Training Dr. Adhi Shankar, SMS (Horticulture), KVK, Palem,K. Ramakrishna, SMS (CP), KVK, Palem, K. Laxman, Ho, Ravi, ADA, Shirisha, Ao, Lathif, AEO, Venkataswami , Sarpanch, Narasimha, MPTC and other public representatives 126 members were participated.

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