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KVK, Palem organised Kisan Mela cum Agriculture Exhibition under special project on cotton at KVK, Palem, Nagarkurnool District on 04.11.2023. Dr.V.Sudha Rani, Director of Extension inaugurated the Exhibition stalls and visited the models exhibited by the KVK staff and private companies. Dr. V. Sudha Rani, Director of Extension, PJTSAU addressed the gathering that HDPS technology is highly beneficial to the farmers in terms of higher yields and encouraged the farmers to expand this technology further in the upcoming season.

Dr.M.Malla Reddy, ADR, RARS, Palem emphasized on the major objectives of the of HDPS and impact of fluctuations in weather conditions on agriculture, cultivation of short duration cotton varieties so that farmers can cultivate Cotton followed by oil seeds or pulse crops. Dr.B. Pushpavathi, Associate Dean, Agriculture College, Palem emphasized that HDPS cotton is one of the best technologies in cotton for mechanization and suitable for light soils in Nagarkurnool district. Sri.K.Chandra Shekhar, DAO, Nagarkurnool highlighted that the HDPS Technology has shown satisfactory results when compared to the Normal planting despite of insufficient rainfall in the district. This technology is most suitable for the soils in our location. Encouraged all the farmers not to confine to mono cropping, rather focus on crop diversification. Dr.S.Vanisree, PS Oil seeds highlighted that the produce of the groundnut has gained international identification in exports for the Aflatoxin free samples.

That is the reason, there is a need to focus on oil seeds cultivation in the district with new released varieties and clearly explained the fertilizer and water management practices in groundnut to obtain high quality groundnut. D. Narayana, REAC member, Thandur suggested to practice raised bed method of planting in cotton, and short duration redgram varieties. K. Lavanya Ramana Reddy, REAC member, Karuvanga highlighted the organic organic farming in cotton and its high market value. In this Mela Dr.V.Sudha Rani, Director of Extension, Dr.M.Malla Reddy (ADR,RARS,Palem), Dr.B.Pushpavathi (Associate Dean, AGC, Palem), Sri.S.Vanisree (PS, Oilseeds), Dr.D.Shashi Bhushan (PS, Millets), Sri.K.Chandra Sekhar (DAO, Nagarkurnool), Sri.K.Lavanya Ramana Reddy (REC Member), Sri.D.Narayana (REC Member) and Dr.T.Prabhakar Reddy, (Programme Coordinator, KVK, Palem) are the guests of the programme. KVK, RARS, APT, AGC and DAATTC, Palem staff, 520 Farmers, 82 dealers and 168 department staff were participated.

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