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In a dedicated effort to curtail the environmental degradation caused by paddy residue burning, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, has been actively advocating non-burning practices and encouraging the adoption of innovative paddy straw management techniques. Recently, PAU’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Bahowal, Hoshiarpur, organized a farmer-focused Kisan Goshthi on paddy residue management technologies. During this event, held on November 3, 2023, various paddy residue management techniques were demonstrated at the KVK farm, specifically focusing on enabling direct wheat sowing. A multitude of progressive farmers participated in this programme.

Dr Maninder Singh Bons, Associate Director (Training) at KVK Hoshiarpur, addressed the farmers and emphasized the significance of abstaining from residue burning to safeguard the environment. He informed the gathering that, similar to previous years, KVK Hoshiarpur is actively conducting a campaign to promote responsible paddy residue management through awareness camps, training sessions, technology demonstrations, informative hoardings, wall paintings, and the distribution of literature. Dr Bons also highlighted the adverse effects of crop residue burning and urged farmers to champion the noble cause of ending paddy residue burning in their communities. Additionally, he shared information about custom hiring centres for paddy residue machinery within the region, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts among farmers for the optimal utilization of these resources. Dr Bons announced that KVK Hoshiarpur provides paddy residue machinery to local farmers at nominal charges.

Dr Ajaib Singh, Assistant Professor (Agricultural Engineering), conducted an in-depth discussion on various in-situ and ex-situ paddy residue management technologies, including surface seeding of wheat, the use of PAU Smart Seeder, Happy Seeder, Super Seeder, Zero Till Drill, and the incorporation of paddy residue with a rotavator.

Dr Gurpratap Singh, Associate Professor (Agronomy), shared valuable insights on improved cultivation techniques for wheat, contributing to the farmers’ knowledge base. Mrs Sunita, Programme Assistant (Lab Technician), collected soil samples under the soil testing campaign.

Dr Parminder Singh, Associate Professor (Animal Science), thanked the farmers for their active participation and engagement in the event’s proceedings.

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