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KVK: Nagapattinam
Name of the activity: Internship Training Programme on Fish Processing Technology has been organized by KVK, Sikkal, Nagapattinam to the B.Voc.,(Marine Food Processing & Preservation Tech nology) studentsof the A.D.M College for Women, Nagapattinam..

Training given:

  • Fish Processing Technology – an intro.
  • Biochemical composition of fish & shellfish.
  • Nutritional significance of fish & shellfish.
  • Health benefits of fish lipids – Omega 3 FA.
  • On-board handling of fishes.
  • Quality parameters of fresh & spoiled fish.
  • Different types fish preservation methods – Chilling, Freezing, Canning & Curing.
  • Principles of fish drying, salting & smoking.
  • Microbiology & Quality assurance of fish & shellfish.
  • Value addition of fish & fishery products.
  • By-products & Waste utilization of fish & shellfish.
  • Packaging technology of fish & fishery products.

Demonstration given:

  • Estimation of moisture content & crude protein of fish.
  • Preparation & marketing of fish & prawn pickle.
  • Preparation & marketing of hygienic dry fish & masala dry fish from Anchovies & Ribbon fish.
  • Preparation & application of fish manure – Fish acid.
  • Packaging technology fish & prawn pickles, dry fishes & fish acid.
  • Operation of solar fish dryer.

Product displayed:
Tuna fish pickle, Black pomfret fish pickle, Prawn pickle, Nethili dry fish, Nethili masala dry fish, Valaimeen karuvadu, Valaimeen masala karuvadu, Ayilaimeen karuvadu, Ayilaimeen masala karuvadu, Tilapia dry fish, Tilapia masala dry fish, Masmin, Fish chutney powder, Fish pasta and Fish acid/fish amino acid.

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