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International Year of millets (Shri Anna) Year 2023 was celebrated on 18th March, 2023 at ICAR-Central Institute
for Arid Horticulture Bikaner. On this occasion, Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the global
participants and entire Indian farmer community from IARI, Pusa, New Delhi and told about the importance of
millets (Shri Anna) for human health. The millets (Shri Anna) are climate resilient and can be produced without
chemical fertilizers and with the minimum use of water. The marginal farmers can get more profit with less input
cost. Along with this, they can start their own startup by value addition of millets. Dr. D. Singh, Dr. M.K. Jatav, Dr,
S.R. Meena, Dr. B. R. Choudhary and Dr. S. Maheshwari were interacted with the invited farmer. Dr. Anita Meena
gave a lecture during training programme on different aspects of millets and nutritional value of millets. Mr. M.K.
Choudhary gave information about improved varieties of millets for dry areas. Mr. Roop Chand Balai told about the
utility of millets (Shree Anna) with climate change and contribution to global food security in the coming times. On
this occasion, farmers (70) were given training and distributed the useful agriculture tools under the Scheduled
Castes Sub Plan Scheme. For the promotion of millets the bajra biscuit, bajra roti with kaddi and gur were served to
the farmer during celebration of International Year of millets programme. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Anita
Meena thanked all the farmers and other participants.

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