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The Institute of Biotechnology (IBT-PJTSAU) concluded a two weeks training program on Biotechnological tools in crop improvement which was organized from 29.01.2024 to 10.02.2024 at IBT, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad funded by DBT-TSCOST under SVP for faculty development on 10.02.2024. Dr. B. Laxmi Prasanna (Assistant Professor, IBT) Welcomed & Inviting the Guests on to the dais. Dr. SNCVL Pushpavalli, (Assistant Professor, IBT) presented bouquet to the dignitaries. Dr C.V. Sameer Kumar (Director, IBT, PJTSAU) spoke about the program was to enhance the knowledge and skills of the scientists in various aspects of biotechnology and its applications in crop improvement. The program covered topics such as molecular markers, gene mapping, marker-assisted selection, genetic transformation, genome editing, bioinformatics, and biosafety.

The program also included hands-on sessions on DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, restriction digestion, ligation, transformation, and bioinformatics tools. Dr. Ch. Anuradha (Professor, IBT) gave overview of the training program and explained about the activities and modules covered, the objectives and future scope and application aspects of this training program. In this program Dr Ahmed Kamal (Consultant, TSCOST , Telangana, Hyd) attended as a chief guest and in his speech, addressed about the opportunities in biotechnology, suggested to all the participants to try to inculcate submission of project proposals not only on biotechnology and other conventional research on agriculture & allied sectors. Dr.M. Venkata Ramana (Registrar, PJTSAU, Hyderabad) shared views on the integration of biotechnology and conventional breeding for developing new varieties under climate change scenario. Dr. P. Raghu Rami Reddy (Director of Research, PJTSAU) stressed that, this program was designed to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, students and farmers to learn about the latest developments and applications of biotechnology in enhancing crop productivity and quality. Biotechnological tool can helps in introduction of desirable traits into crops faster and more precisely, such as drought tolerance, disease resistance, and nutrient use efficiency. We are also exploring the potential of novel biotechnological tools such as synthetic biology, genome editing, and gene drives, which could offer new possibilities for crop improvement in the future. Dr. L. Shanti Kumari (TSCOST-Field officer) shared about the TSCOST invited applications for encouragement of scientists to submit the nominations for TSCOST best scientist awards. After that all the participants shared their views and feedback about the program. The program concluded with a certificate distribution ceremony and a feedback session, where the participants expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the training program. They also suggested some areas for improvement, such as increasing the duration of the program, providing more practical sessions, and covering more topics related to biotechnology. The IBT thanked the participants for their active involvement and enthusiasm, and hoped that the program would help them in their future research and career endeavors. The program was concluded vote of thanks by Mr. M. Rajashekhar (Assistant Professor, IBT), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.

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