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The Institute of Biotechnology (IBT-PJTSAU) inaugurated a two weeks training program on Biotechnological tools in crop improvement from 29.01.2024 to 10.02.2024 at IBT, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad funded by DBT-TSCOST under SVP for faculty development. Dr. B. Laxmi Prasanna (Assistant Professor, IBT) Welcomed & Inviting the Guests on to the dais. Dr. SNCVL Pushpavalli, (Assistant Professor, IBT) presented bouquet to the dignitaries.

Dr C.V. Sameer Kumar (Director, IBT, PJTSAU) briefed about the program aim is to provide hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge on various biotechnological techniques such as molecular markers, gene editing, tissue culture, and bioinformatics. The program also included lectures by eminent scientists and experts from IBT and other institutions, who will share their insights and experiences on the applications and challenges of biotechnology in agriculture. Dr. Ch. Anuradha (Professor, IBT) given brief introduction of the program. In this program Dr. Sean Mayes, (Global Research Program Director- Accelerated Crop Improvement, ICRISAT, Hyderabad) attended as a chief guest and spoke about the insights on the integration of biotechnology and conventional breeding for developing new varieties. Dr. P. Raghu Rami Reddy (Director of Research, PJTSAU) stressed on the program should cover more on providing practical sessions, and how best biotechnological tools can be used for crop improvement, such as developing disease-resistant varieties, enhancing nutritional quality, and increasing yield potential. Suggested to the participants focus on development of new varieties by using biotechnological tools in field & horticultural crops. Dr M. Malla Reddy (Associate Director of Research, RARS, Palem, PJTSAU) insisted take up the conventional breeding inline with molecular breeding then only we can rapidly develop the new crop varieties under climate change scenario. Dr. Manish Pandey (PS – Groundnut Genomics, ICRISAT) for his talk on the genomics and other omics approaches to overcome the biotic and abiotic stresses in crop plants. In this program the dignitaries released the training program manual for the benefit of the participants. The program was attended by 25 participants from different agricultural, horticultural universities and ICAR, CSIR research institutes across the state. The program was concluded vote of thanks by Mr. M. Rajashekhar (Assistant Professor, IBT), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.

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