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The crop loss in India due to pest, diseases and weeds account for 15 – 25 per cent. Farmers rely on use of chemical insecticides to scale down the damage caused by insects and pathogens. Though effective, indiscriminate use of pesticides has led; build-up of residue in commodities, development of resistance and destruction of natural enemies. Compounded to this is, the presence of spurious chemical insecticides and the biologicals laced with chemical pesticides is a serious concern when used for pest management. Biocontrol agents are a safer alternative, but their timely availability in quality and quantity is hurdle in its adoption among the farming community. Hence, there is need to search for alternatives that are effective in pest and disease management. The next generation farming is in the hands of young and educated farmers who would rely on crop protection scenario that will be heavily dependent on utilizing the cutting-edge technologies. Nanotechnology is novel field of interdisciplinary research and it has wide scope in the field of agriculture specifically in pest and disease management. It offers materials to develop insecticide and microbial biocides that are a clean and green technology. Nanotechnology offers solution to assemble the chemistries into a matrix that would aid in controlled release coupled with protection from light and air. Nanoparticles are effective matrix for release of volatile organic compounds. The VOC loaded into the matrix has a controlled release and that causes physiological and behavioral response in insects which aids in trapping of pest. Nanotechnology offers solution in disease diagnostics for enabling disease management. ICAR – NBAIR is a pioneering institute in entomological research globally. It has been nurturing the research in developing novel crop protection technologies. One such line of specialization that has emerged at ICAR – NBAIR is nanotechnological approaches in crop protection. Novel delivery matrix for loading the pheromones and sensors to detect the semi chemicals and xenobiotics have been developed, patented and commercialized. The knowledge so accumulated is proposed to be disseminated to have a greater capacity building in the area of nanotechnology in crop protection. Hence, a short course on “Nanotechnological approaches in Pest and Disease Management” for 10 days will sensitize and update the  knowledge of plant protection Scientists on the scope of utilizing the nanotechnology for crop protection.

To expose the participants the field of nanotechnology, synthesis and characterization
To provide hands on training on identifying the bioactive compounds that could be
loaded in to nanometric for pest management

Institute information

National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources is a nodal ICAR Institute at National level for research and development on all aspects of work on harnessing resources of insects including biological control of crop pests and weeds, training, information, repository, technology dissemination and National / International cooperation. NBAIR is located at Hebbal in Bengaluru opposite to CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), next to Veterinary College, Hebbal Bengaluru. The Institute is located 5 km from Cantonment railway station, 4 km from Yeswantpur railway station and 8 km from Bengaluru city junction and 35 km from KIA airport. Buses which are plying to Yelahanka, Devanahalli, Doddaballapur, international
airport will pass through NBAIR. Participants are requested to get down at CBI bus stop to reach NBAIR. ICAR sponsored 10 days short course on “Nanotechnological approaches in Pest and Disease Management” February 13-22, 2024 will be held at National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources (NBAIR), PB No.2491, HA Farm Post, Bellary Road, Bengaluru -560 024

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