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Dr Himanshu Pathak, Hon’ble Secretary, DARE, and DG, ICAR visited the ICAR-National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources (NBAIR), Bengaluru on 29th August, 2023. Dr S. N. Sushil, Director of ICAR-NBAIR, formally welcomed Dr. Pathak, and held a tree planting program in the institute premises to commemorate his visit to the Bureau. Later, he visited the National Insect Museum and various laboratories and technologies exhibits of ICAR-NBAIR. He addressed all the scientists of ICAR-NBAIR, as well as the ATARI, ICAR-NBSSLUP, and ICAR-IVRI at a meeting held at ICAR-NBAIR. The meeting began with a formal welcome by Director of ICAR-NBAIR, who presented an overview of the Bureau’s activities, achievements, and accomplishments of the Bureau since its inception. The DG, ICAR, and Secretary DARE appreciated the work of ICAR-NBAIR and the other institutes in Bengaluru. Furthermore, he urged all scientists to focus more on research activities, since scientific achievements will lead to higher recognition at the personal, institute, and even council levels. Finally, he thanked all the Bureau staff for their research contributions in their particular areas and emphasized the importance of continuing good research in a more concentrated manner in line with national priorities.

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