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A five-day training programme on “Captive breeding and hatchery management of golden mahseer” was conducted at ICAR-Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research during 10-14th July 2023. The training was attended by 15 participants, including entrepreneurs and students from College of Fisheries Science, HAU, Hisar.

Captive breeding and hatchery management plays a crucial role in the conservation of endangered species like the golden mahseer. The ICAR-DCFR has played a major role in developing the technology for breeding and seed production of golden mahseer for its rehabilitation and conservation through ranching in its natural habitats. During the training period, different aspects of golden mahseer and its resources, ecological significance, conservation challenges, mahseer-based angling and ecotourism prospects and the crucial role of captive breeding and hatchery management for its conservation were deliberated and discussed. There were theoretical sessions and practical demonstrations about the various aspects of golden mahseer seed production, such as captive maturation and breeding, hatchery management, water quality analysis, fabrication of bio-filters, brood stock nutrition, larval nutrition and nursery rearing, etc.

This training has equipped trainees with the knowledge, skills and best practices necessary for successful captive breeding, fostering the growth and sustainability of golden mahseer populations. The training was concluded with certificate distribution by the director, Dr. Pramod Kumar Pandey. Training was coordinated by Dr Ciji Alexander, Dr M.S. Akhtar, Dr. Prakash Sharma, and Dr Renu Jethi.

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