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Hepatopancreatic Microsporidiosis (HPM) caused by Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) is a severe disease at present causing heavy loss to the shrimp farmers and the loss due to this disease alone is estimated to be Rs.5000 crores. Therefore, the farmers are frantically looking for a remedy to this menace. During the recently held shrimp farmers conclave, Dr.T.Sathish Kumar, CIBA Scientist, explained the findings of CIBA’s research work on HPM caused by the EHP. During his presentation he highlighted the performance of CIBA’s therapeutic ‘CIBA EHP Cura-I’ in controlling the EHP disease. On hearing the performance of CIBA’s therapeutic; shrimp farmers appreciated the CIBA’s effort in developing a treatment for the disease at the Conclave itself.

As a follow-up to the Shrimp Farmers Conclave 2023, ICAR-CIBA and the Nagapattinam district Aquafarmers Association, Tamil Nadu convened a special interactive session on 10th August, 2023 for an in-depth discussion on ICAR-CIBA’s therapeutic for EHP disease ‘CIBA EHP Cura- I’ in vernacular Tamil language for the benefit of all the strata of farmers. More than 100 shrimp farmers form Nagapattinam district participated in the meeting.

Dr.T.Sathish Kumar, Scientist, ICAR-CIBA and his team gave an in-depth presentation on the epidemiology, disease transmission, association of size variation, white feces syndrome (WFS) diagnostics, treatment and control of EHP. Further, he substantiated the performance of ‘CIBA EHP Cura- I’ with field data for the control and treatment of EHP. In addition, the team demonstrated the on-farm visual LAMP diagnostic kit for the detection of EHP in front of the farmers.

Earlier, Mr. S. Siva Chandran, Secretary, NAFA, explained the problems faced by farmers in the current scenario and stressed the importance of controlling the diseases especially EHP in shrimp farming. Mr.V.Balasubramaniam, Secretary, Tamil Nadu Coastal Aquafarmers Federation (TANCAFF) and Mr.R.Chidambaram, President, NAFA, thanked Dr.Kuldeep K Lal Director ICAR-CIBA and his team for the need based research and the timely support to the farmers.

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