ICAR Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (ICAR CIBA) conducted its annual Institute Research Council Meeting (IRC) during 26-28th April and 1st May, 2023 for reviewing on-going research projects in 2022-23 and planning the research activities for the year 2023-24.  Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Lal, Director, ICAR CIBA and Chairman of the IRC in his opening remarks highlighted the major research achievements in the past one year like formal inauguration of flagship project on ‘Genetic Improvement Programme of Penaeus indicus Phase-I, launching shrimp crop insurance and achievements in national disease surveillance project. Subsequently, salient achievements in all the research projects were presented and discussed in detail and the technical programmes for the research year 2023-24 were also outlined thematic wise. Research on genetic improvement of indigenous shrimp species, disease surveillance, nutrigenomics and nutrition management, aquaculture in inland saline soils, and technology transfer through mass media and outreach programmes would be given priority in the ensuing year. The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. C.V. Sairam, Member Secretary, IRC of ICAR CIBA.

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