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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kampasagar celebrated ICAR 95th Foundation Day and Technology Day on 16th July, 2023. The event was followed by exhibition of different technologies viz., drum seeder technology in rice, Integrated Farming System, bio fertilizers, raising of vegetable nurseries under shade nets, pandal system, mulching, Kitchen gardening, vermicomposting, millet value added products, 21 types desi paddy varieties etc from 16-18 July, 2023. In three days scientists covered different technologies like drum seeder technology in rice cultivation, vermicompost technology, commercial nursery cultivation under shadenets, working mechanism of mini hatcheries, importance of millets etc. In this programme KVK scientists, Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao, Programme Coordinator, Dr. K. Chandra Shaker, SMS (Crop Productiion), Smt. A. Ramulamma, SMS (Plant Protection), smt. S.Pallavi, SMS, Extension, Dr. I. Swarnalatha Devi, Principal, APT, Dr. N. Lingaiah, Sr. Scientist & Head, ARS, A.Sai Kiran, SMS, Agro Met, Public representatives Sri Goli Madhusudhan Reddy, Ex member FCI & MANAGE, Sri M. Chandra Reddy, Sri Ch. Seetharam Reddy were participated. Totally 240 No of farmers were participated from different villages for three days.

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