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Technology interventions

In the year 2021, a horticulture-based rooftop production model was established on the terrace of Mrs. Uma Devi in an area of 200 m2. The standardized growing media combinations to maintain porous substrate was filled in grow bags (standardized for rooftops) and the cropping cycle /crop calendar was introduced for growing different horticulture crops like vegetables (major component), spices, flowers, medicinal plants, and fruits round the year. The technology for growing different horticulture crops by following proper cultural practices was imparted to the beneficiary. Perennial and seasonal vegetables were harvested by the beneficiary for domestic consumption around the year. The crops were grown only by using organic inputs. Various in-situ organic inputs were prepared like composting kitchen waste in backyards, bio waste decomposer solutions, and fish amino acids were prepared and applied for growing horticulture produce in their terrace garden. The incidence of pest and diseases were minimum in the rooftop production model when compared to field-grown vegetables.

Impact/outcome of technology adoption

After the intervention, Mrs. Umadevi and her family are harvesting 90% of their domestic requirement of vegetables from her rooftop. Organic produce from her rooftop is nutritive and of good quality. She adds that her vegetables are tastier when compared with market vegetables. Being an engineering graduate, she shares that after the establishment of this rooftop production model she spends her time in a usual manner which helps her in stress management. Her children are also involved in gardening and she has also inspired her neighbors for establishing rooftop gardens in their respective houses. The monthly expense spent on the purchase of vegetables and other horticulture crops is reduced.

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