Aeroponic Technology

The aeroponic system is a technology for growing plants in an air-mist environment without the use of soil or any other aggregate media. The advantages of this technology are: • Seven to ten times more mini tubers from in-vitro plantlets as compared to cultivation under net house conditions. • Avoidance of tissue culture plants from […]

Field day cum farmers training on management of palm invasive whiteflies

Field day – cum – farmers training program on “Management of palm invasive whitefly complex using entomopathogenic fungi, Simplicillium lanosoniveum, and other IPM approaches” was conducted at St. BASBS, Bela on 21 September 2022. Shri. Abbas, Vice President, Badiadka Gram Panchayath, Kasaragod inaugurated the training program. The program was presided over by Sis. Marcillene, Principal, […]

Improvement in the growth status and carbohydrate utilization of Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) fingerlings with dietary supplementation of chromium picolinate

A 60-day feeding experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary chromium (Cr) on carbohydrate utilization and growth performance of Labeo rohita fingerlings. Fishes were fed with four high carbohydrates (53%), isonitrogenous (crude protein 35%), and isocaloric (415 Kcal, 100 gm−1 ) experimental diets containing different levels of dietary chromium picolinate (Cr-Pic) viz.0, 400, […]

Horticulture Based Rooftop Production Model

Technology interventions In the year 2021, a horticulture-based rooftop production model was established on the terrace of Mrs. Uma Devi in an area of 200 m2. The standardized growing media combinations to maintain porous substrate was filled in grow bags (standardized for rooftops) and the cropping cycle /crop calendar was introduced for growing different horticulture […]