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Hindi Diwas was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 14.09.2023 at ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Regional Centre, Palampur. First of all, Dr. Gorakh Mal, Chief Regional Centre, while wishing everyone a Happy Hindi Day, said that Hindi is the language spoken and understood by most of the people in India. Its popularity is increasing with time. On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly gave the status of official language to the people’s language Hindi. India is the country with the most diverse cultures in the world. Despite diversity in religion, traditions and language, the people here believe in unity. Hindi language is the third most spoken language worldwide. Hindi Diwas plays an important role in reminding us that Hindi is one of the oldest languages of the world and every Indian should feel proud of conversing in his mother tongue. He also told that some scientists of the institute proudly prefer to introduce themselves and present their research in Hindi.

Hindi has got the status of official language in the Constitution. In the Indian Constitution, it was not accepted as the national language but as the official language. Under this, Hindi should be used as the official language for government work. Apart from this, he said that under Section 3(3) of ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Regional Center Palampur, official work is done 100% in Hindi and general orders, notifications etc. are issued bilingually. On the occasion of Hindi Day, Dr. Gauri Jairath, scientist, presented a self-written poem and told that in foreign countries like Germany and Japan, they give more importance to their language, that is why it is so developed. Therefore, we do not hesitate to speak, write and read in our own language. Should not do. Being a research institute, we should publish our research mostly in Hindi so that it can reach the general public.

Shri R. On the occasion of Hindi Day, Ranjit Singh, Technical Officer, told about its importance and presented a self-written Hindi poem “Ped Kitne Upkari”. Finally Dr. B. Singh, Principal Scientist and Hindi Officer also presented his views on this occasion.

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