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Cultivation of true cinnamon has great potential in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Due to wider adaptability of the crop, it can be cultivated under open as well as an intercrop in the existing coconut and arecanut plantations. In order to promote scientific cinnamon cultivation and its postharvest handling, several efforts are being taken up at ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair under the Central Sector Scheme- Mission on Integrated Development of Horticulture (CSS-MIDH) Project on Spices. With the financial support from the Directorate of Spices and Arecanut Development, Kozhikode, Kerala, frontline demonstrations have been taken up at the farmers’ fields in different parts of the islands. For selection of the beneficiaries, proposals were invited from the island stakeholders through media advertisements.

Quality planting material of true cinnamon has been provided for commercial scale cultivation was provided to the farmers from South Andaman Island (Ograbraj, Bird Line, Prothrapur, Caddlegunj, Bambooflat, Wimberlygunj, Garacharma), Baratang Island, North and Middle Andaman Islands (Kalipur and Rangat) and Little Andaman Island (Harminder Bay). Further, considering the medicinal value of the spice, planting material was also provided to various stakeholders who participated in different training and awareness programmes conducted during the year. An awareness programme on Quality cinnamon production in the Andaman Islands was conducted on 24/03/2023 during which Dr. Ajit Arun Waman, Scientist-SS, ICAR-CIARI and Principal Investigator of the project guided various stakeholders on cinnamon cultivation in the Wimberlygunj, Bambooflat and Ograbraj villages in South Andaman. In time to come, these activities would help in boosting the quantum of cinnamon production from the islands.

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