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DAATTC-ARS, Tandur organized field day on High Density Planting System Cotton under special project ICAR-CICR titled “Targeting technologies to agro-ecological zones-large scale demonstration of best practices to enhance cotton productivity” under NFSM 2023 at Vishvardhan Reddy field in Medipally Kalan (vil), Pudur (Mandal), Vikarabad district on 13.12.2023. Dr. B. Venkatesh (YP-II) has welcomes the farmers & guests.

Mr. T. Laxman, Coordinator, DAATTC, Tandur firstly he has explained why this HDPS method of cultivation has introduced, then mentioned the main the objectives of this special project, like reducing the cost of cultivation at the same time increasing the yields of cotton. Also told briefly about the different activities taken up in different villages of Pudur Mandal of Parigi division, Vikarabad District.

He has emphasized that, farmer need to follow only two new approaches to fulfill the objectives of this method of cultivation, one is going for higher seed rate i.e. 5 packets/acre and second one is usage of chamthkar (Mepiquat chloride @ 1 ml/liter) for growth regulation leads to synchronous bursting of bolls. This makes the crop duration ends by November so, that farmers have a chance for the second crop crop like greengram, blackgram and other short duration pulses not only for additional returns but also the chance of soil fertility improvement.

He also mentioned about special care need to be follow during the drought situations like 19-19-19, multi K, KNo3 spraying for reducing the flower drop and maximizing the boll set.
Dr. B. Venkatesh, (YP-II) explained about detailed nutrient management and how RDF (48-24-24 kg/acre NPK) is sufficient in HDPS cotton in spite of increasing the plant population per unit area. Mentioned about pre-emergence herbicide Pendimethalin @ 6.0 ml/lit of water applying it in correct time for effective control of weeds. With regards to post emergence application for control of grasses quizalofop ethyl (Turga super) @ 400 ml/acre or Propaquizafop @ 250 ml/acre. For broad leave crops in cotton by spraying of pyrithiobac sodium @ 250 ml/acre.

He also cautioned about the susceptibility of HDPS cotton to sucking pest due to closer spacing, for this control instead of repeated chemical spraying going for some cost effective methods of pest and disease control like seed treatment with imidacloprid, stem application of Monochrotophos and water 1:4 instead of repeated chemical sprayings, yellow and blue sticky traps and pheromone traps @ 4 /acre area for easy identification of pest and to take in time remedial measures for effective control of pest also reducing the cost of cultivation.
Then went to the Vishnuvardhan Reddy, HDPS cotton field, in Medipally Kalan village, Pudur Manadal, Vikarabad district. At the end Dr. B. Venkatesh, (YP-II) DAATTC, Tandur gave the Vote of Thanks to the farmers, Scientists, Agriculture department officers & all the farmers of different villages. Then followed by lunch.

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