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The Farmers’ Advisory and Skill Center (FASC) in Tarn Taran, Punjab, organized a successful field day on 27 October 2023  ‘Enhancing awareness and adoption of recommended irrigation water saving and paddy straw management technologies.’ The event took place in Village Algon Kothi, Block Bhikhiwind, Tarn Taran, drawing more than 100 enthusiastic farmers.

Dr Parvinder Singh, in charge of FASC, Tarn Taran, warmly welcomed all the participants and underscored the importance of conserving irrigation water and managing paddy straw. Dr Singh provided valuable guidance to farmers, encouraging them to embrace PAU-recommended wheat varieties for the current season. He emphasized surface seeding technology for efficient paddy straw management, which is cost-effective and results in minimal weed emergence. Additionally, he shared insights on cultivating winter vegetables for personal use and on a commercial scale, along with innovative ways to incorporate paddy straw in different vegetable crops.

Dr Parminder Singh Sandhu, an expert in Agronomy, delved into the intricate details of cultivating wheat and other rabi crops. He discussed the availability of various wheat varieties at FASC and USF, Usman, Tarn Taran. Dr Sandhu stressed the benefits of utilizing consortium and rhizome biofertilizers in crops like wheat, barseem, gram, and pea. He highlighted diverse methods for managing paddy straw and conserving irrigation water, underlining their significance in sustainable farming practices.

S Jaswinder Singh Gill, a progressive farmer from Village Bhagwanpur, shared his experiences in paddy straw management. He urged fellow farmers to adhere to PAU recommendations for wheat sowing and emphasized the importance of avoiding paddy straw burning, a practice detrimental to the environment.

Dr Savreet Khehra, an expert in Fruits, delivered an enlightening lecture on the management of orchards during the winter months. She covered topics like planting deciduous fruit plants such as pear, peach, plum, and phalsa and the innovative use of paddy straw in orchards. The event concluded with her extending a warm vote of thanks to all the attendees.

Furthermore, the field day provided farmers access to essential resources, including PAU literature, seeds of various wheat varieties, gobhi sarson, onion, and wheat consortium.

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