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In a collaborative effort between the Farm Advisory Service Centre (FASC) Kapurthala, the Department of Agriculture, and local organizations, a farmer awareness camp was organized at Aujla Jogi village on September 29, 2023. The primary focus of this event was to rejuvenate organic production practices and promote effective crop residue management in rice and basmati cultivation. This initiative drew participation from 80 enthusiastic farmers.

The informative sessions at the camp were led by Dr Pardeep Kumar, Incharge cum Senior Scientist, Dr Anupam Sabharwal, Agri Economics Specialist, and officials from the Department of Agriculture. They shared valuable insights into organic crop management techniques and interventions for effective crop residue management in paddy fields. The central message conveyed during the camp was the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) to preserve soil health and contribute to the well-being of our planet. Farmers were encouraged to embrace sustainable agricultural practices that enhance their crop yields and protect the environment.

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