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Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Mansa organized a vocational training course on ‘Dairy Farming’ from October 11 to October 20, 2023. Aimed at rural youth and farmers, the program drew the participation of thirty-two individuals from various villages in Districts Mansa and Bathinda. The course focused on imparting scientific knowledge essential for dairy farming, fostering the skill development of participants to enhance their economic prospects.

Dr Gurdeep Singh, Deputy Director (Training), engaged with the trainees, highlighting the pivotal role of the dairy sector and encouraging them to adopt dairy farming as a scientifically managed allied business. On the first day, participants underwent a preliminary test to assess their existing knowledge of dairy farming.

Dr Ajay Singh, Assistant Professor (Animal Science) and course coordinator provided comprehensive technical insights into dairy farming. These included topics such as cattle and buffalo breeds, selection of dairy animals, the care of newly born calves and dairy animals, housing management, water management, balanced feeding, fodder management, silage preparation, mineral supplementation, record keeping, artificial insemination, and practical demonstrations covering aspects like Mineral mixture, UMMB, Bypass fat, Azolla cultivation, CMT kit, BTB card, and Cow magnet.

Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Sidhu, Associate Professor (Home Science), delivered a lecture on milk processing and milk products. At the same time, Dr Satpal Singh, Veterinary Officer, addressed the control of endo and ecto parasites, diseases, and vaccination schedules for dairy animals. An enriching exposure visit took participants to the Veterinary Poly Clinic in Mansa, providing valuable insights into veterinary care.

The participants expressed significant interest and shared valuable insights into dairy farming. They displayed a strong inclination to integrate dairy farming as a supplementary occupation, serving both domestic milk consumption and business purposes. The programme succeeded in equipping farmers and rural youth with the knowledge and skills necessary for the dairy farming sector.

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