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Farmers participatory evaluation of the Betelvine Hybrid was undertaken at Kurhe panache village, Bhusawal taluka, Jalagaon (Dist), Maharashtra to know the feedback of the farmers on the newly developed Betelvine Hybrid under ICAR-All India coordinated Research Project on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants & Betelvine (AICRP-MAP&B) by ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR), Bengaluru. The hybrid, IIHR PBH 09-16 which is suitable for kapoori-type growing areas was evaluated along with the local Kapoori by Sri. Ramesh Bobde, a Betelvine farmer at Kurhe panache village. Betel vine hybrids were developed with the objective of bring-in field resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses coupled with high leaf yield.

According to Sri. Ramesh, IIHR PBH 09-16 hybrid had high leaf yield and better quality as compared to local kapoori cultivars. Its attractive light green color leaves with mild pungency fetches higher market price than the locally cultivated varieties.

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