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Many essential oils, dyes and cosmetics are made of plants and many species of medicinal and aromatic plants are cultivated for such industrial needs, but most of them are available and wild collected. The medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation should be patterned to guarantee the known levels of the active compounds. The first thing that crosses your mind when mentioning gardens is definitely plants and flowers. From now on, with the latest Slots Garden Bonuses, you may take another perspective for the term. Continue reading and see what we are talking about by yourself. DMAPR gives you information about the medicinal and aromatic plants in India and its cultivation is becoming a popular field in the agro-industry which is changing the lifestyle of numerous growers and entrepreneurs. From collecting medical plants from the forest, India is becoming one of the most important cultivator of medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as for the export of the final products. India has 8000 medical plants and it ranks first in the world as a global leader in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation, production of aromatic essential oils. The Indian Government and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development are offering to the people many policies and by giving loans in order to encourage them for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants cultivation. For further information or details about the medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation you can follow, or simply contact us.

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