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Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Director General, Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) and Secretary, DARE visited ICAR-CISH Telibagh Campus and inaugurated Technology Park’ by planting the first plant of climate resilient mango hybrid CISH-Arunika and salt tolerant rootstock of mango cv. Sagarika. The Director of the Institute Dr. T. Damodaran, elaborated the need of technology park to showcase all the Institute technologies at one place, that too in Lucknow city, to provide easy excess to farmers and state government functionaries. The Technology Park will be developed to display and demonstrate all CISH Technologies. The varieties block will include all the improved fruit varieties, Ambika and Arunika mango, Shweta, Lalit, Dhawal and Lalima guava, CISH B-1, CISH B-2 and CISH B-3 bael, CISH Aonla-1, CISH-Jamwant and CISH J-42 jamun. Similarly, practical demonstration of high density planting in mango and guava, refined rejuvenation technology for mango, Espalier architecture in guava, Fertigation technology, natural farming, display of potential minor fruits, fruit nursery, container gardening, precision farming technologies, vertical gardening, etc will be demonstrated in the field. The DG ICAR assured for all the support in the establishment of the technology park at the Institute in the benefit of famers.

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