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DAATTC, Tornala has organized field day of paddy minikit varieties at Chittapur (V), Dubbak (M), Siddipet (Dt.) on 02.11.2023. In this program, Sri. J. Vijay, Coordinator briefed about the importance of minikit trials and most of the farmers are still cultivating local varieties which are having long duration and highly susceptible to pest & diseases. So there is a great need to organize this kind of field days to showcase the minikits of the PJTSAU. In this program, minikits JGL -33124 in farmer fields of Sri. Ravinder, which is medium slender, 135-140 days duration, moderately resistant to BPH, leaf blast, YSB, panicle mite and resistant to sheath rot, WGL-1380 in the farmer field of Sri. Lingam, which is medium slender with 135 days duration and resistant to neck blast, moderately resistant to leaf blast, sheath rot and panicle mite, RNR-28361 in the farmer field of Sri. Sai kumar, which is long slender with 130-135 days duration and moderately resistant to BPH & Sheath rot were observed by the other farmers. Minikit farmers have explained the crop management practices followed by them. Later, we interacted with farmers to know the farmers preference and performance of minikits. DAATT Centre scientists Dr. Ch. Pallavi, MAO Sri. Praveen AEO Sri. Mahesh and 27 farmers have participated in the programme.

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