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Awareness cum exposure visit was organized by DAATTC, ARS and APT, Tornala on 10.10.2023 at ARS, Tornala by highlighting the research and extension activities being conducted at ARS and DAATTC, Tornala. As part of student–scientist interaction session Dr. S. Sridevi, Principal Scientist & Head, ARS, Tornala highlighted the key achievements of the ARS, Tornala in the past 5 years and different agricultural technologies being implemented at ARS, Tornala along with the soil conservation and water harvesting techniques. Later, Sri. J. Vijay, Coordinator, DAATTC, Tornala has spoken about farm mechanization in different crops, Dr. Ch. Pallavi, Scientist on sequence and inter cropping system in CTZ, Dr. D. Swetha, Scientist on scope and opportunities of crop diversification in CTZ, Smt. A. Saritha, Scientist on plant breeding methods and approaches in maize, paddy & sunflower, Dr. N. Sainath, Scientist on soil health management in maize & cotton, Sri. L. Raja, Asst. Professor on Participatory teaching methods. Later, students were shown the various experimental plots, Seed production plots, farm pond and different technologies being conducted at ARS, Tornala including the farm mechanization used for increasing labour use efficiency. In this programme 37 students from College of Agriculture- Rajendranagar have participated.

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