Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, forefront in the “Service of the Farmers” is always striving to deliver the latest technologies developed in the University to the farming community through different means of communication. Realizing the importance of the electronic media as the most powerful tool to reach a large audience in the most effective manner in the quickest possible time with maximum accuracy, PJTSAU created the Electronic Wing, the first of its kind in the country to cater the Mass Communication needs relevant to Electronic Media that includes Public and private TV channels telecasting agricultural programmes for the benefit of the farming community. The electronic wing is involved in the production of Video capsule programmes, Digital Video Discs, Quickies, Jingles, Information Kiosks and Agricultural Portals. Electronic Wing was established in November 2001 in the building of ATIC situated in the ARI campus, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.

Mandate and Activities

  • Popularization of PJTSAU technologies through electronic media.
  • Technical and visual support to agriculture programmes of public and private TV channels, All India Radio.
  • Production of interactive and descriptive DVDs on different crops and technologies.
  • Production of Jingles & Quickies on agricultural aspects.
  • Promotion and publicity of University news in print media periodically.

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