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KVK, Palem & RARS Palem jointly organized Survey, monitoring of Oil Palm and Diagnostic field visit in Buddaram, salkarpet, chakalpally, killa ganpur, managipet, boothpur (V), wanaparthy & Nagar kurnool districts on 24.11.2023. data recorded on growth of oil palm orchards. Data recorded on farmers opinion and knowledge on crop. Identified crop specific problems like crown rot, Rhinoceros beetle and boron deficiency in oil palm. And suggested to install rhino lure 1/ acre, apply boran 100g per plant and drenching of coc@3g per litre on crown region. Identified spodoptera damage in groundnut and castor. And recommended to spray coragen@ 0.3ml/ L or Emamectin benzoiate@ 0.4ml per litre. Identified damping off in onion nursery and recommended drenching of COC@3g/ L twice at 5-6 days interval. In this programme Dr. Adhi Shankar, SMS (Horticulture), KVK, Palem, Dr. K. Sridhar, Scientist(Agronomy), RARS, Palem, G. Madhuri, Scientist( Ento), RARS, palem, Mr. Sandeep, pre unique company field officers, scientists a total of 36 members were participated.

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