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KVK: Tiruppur
Date: 05.05.2023

Activity: Conducted Farmers field visits, demonstrations and campaign in the farmers field. The local Minister Vellakovil Saminathan presides over the function and District Collector advised the farmers for the importance of nutrients and soil test. The TNAU Scientists were diagnosing pests and disease problems in coconut at Maniyampalayam perunthozgavu Village of Pongalur block of Tiruppur Dt.

  • Suggested application of manures, fertilizers, biofertilizers and micronutrients for coconut.
  • Also recommend soil& water test , Coconut tonic feeding.
  • Suggestions were given for the management of wilt diseases and pests in coconut.(Bordi mixture)
  • Demonstrations of Bordeo mixture preparation- Wilt disease
    yellow sticky paper along with the cator oil-Rugose whitefly
    Root feeding of Coconut tonic-Micronutrients along with the growth regulators.
    Water wash by the Rocker Sprayer and Maida powder mixing water spray-Rugose white fly.

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