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Date: 24.04.2023
Place: Vaduganagampalli village, Aravakurichi block
Activity details : Field visit made to moringa crop to observe the effect of fungal biocontrol agents Beauveria bassiana and Verticillium lecani in combination (dosage @ 10g/litre of water) for the management of tea mosquito bug, bud worm and leaf caterpillar. Farmer expressed satisfaction about the biocontrol agent, as the demonstration plot trees had new flush emergence, better flower retention and pod formation as compared to the untreated plot. The fungal biocontrol agents were provided on 6.4.2023 as part of KVK demonstration. Presently the farmer has placed order for 5 kg of the biocontrol agent on cost basis, so as to cover his entire farm also another farmer has purchased 5 kg of the biocontrol agent. Field visit made to moringa crop with incidence of pod fly for advisory services on management as per TNAU recommendation – collection and destruction of fly infested pods, Use of attractants for adult flies (eucalyptus oil, vinegar); Raking up the soil under the trees or ploughing the infested field to destroy puparia; Spray Azadirachtin 300 ppm @ 3ml/lit during 50 % fruit set and 35 days later. Also distributed the biocontrol agent for demonstration purpose to new farmer. Discussed with moringa farmers on the current market price.

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