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The Departments of Microbiology and Fruit Science have developed a technology for PREPARATION OF RED WINE FROM PUNJAB MACS PURPLE CULTIVAR OF GRAPES AT 50L SCALE which has been approved by Research Evaluation Committee, PAU in its 251st meeting held in May, 2016. The same is ready for demonstration and commercialization. The abstract of the technology includes harvesting of Punjab MACS purple grapes at optimum days post veraison (brix of 17-18°B), their prefermentative Skin treatment for extraction of anthocyanins and phenolics into grape juice from grape skin, Ethanolic fermentation of skin pretreated, supplement added sugar chaptalized grape juice (22°B) with S. cerevisiae MTCC 11815 (available with PAU) at a temperature of 24.6°C producing 10.0-12.0 percent (v/v) of ethanol. The raw wines stored at 15°C and nitrogen sparged racked for 3 months (for clearing) can be bottled and shelved. At about 65 percent wine recovery efficiency, 44 bottles of 750 ml
capacity are produced from 100 kg fresh Punjab MACS Purple grapes. The red wine may be fortified (before bottling) with distilled ethanol from sugarcane ethanol, potato ethanol or grape ethanol to raise its ethanol level to 14 percent (v/v). The wine bottles are cooled to 10-15o C temperature before consumption. The red wine is comparable in taste with available Maharashtra and Solan brands.

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