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Disease surveillance provides information on the health status of fish, which is an important step towards control and eradication measures, as well as to support early warning, risk assessment, contingency plans and emergency preparedness programs for aquatic animal disease management. The ICAR-CIFRI has organized a 2-day awareness program on ‘Disease surveillance and Report fish disease application’ at Kolaghat and Contai, West Bengal on 8-9th February 2023 under the supervision of Director, ICAR-CIFRI, Dr. B.K. Das. The Kolaghat and Contai under Purba Medinipur District are major producers of fish, shrimp and ornamental fish in West Bengal. In Kolaghat, a total of 15 fishers including 13 men and 2 women participated, while in Contai 16 fishers participated in the program.

During the program, the team shared and enlightened the gathering on several areas of disease surveillance and health management of fish including aquatic environment vis-à-vis antimicrobial resistance issues, the status of fish disease management in freshwater aquaculture in India, sustainable approaches for aquaculture development, etc. The scientific team also interacted with fishers and discussed issues related to fish growth, disease and farm management. The team also informed the fishers about the newly developed application ‘Report fish disease’. The application was installed on mobile phones and the working principle and benefits were informed. The pamphlet prepared in both English and Bengali on disease identification and their possible management measures was distributed among the participants to sensitize the fishers to better management of their fish farm. Dr. Vikash Kumar, Mr. A.K. Jana and research scholars of the NSPAAD Phase II project Mr. Souvik Dhar, Mr. Anupam Adhikari coordinated the program with great efficiency.

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