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Darbhanga district lies in historical Mithila region and it is rich in water resources. This district in endowed with vast aquatic resources in the forms of ponds/tanks, flood plains (wetlands) and several perennial and seasonal rivers. These water bodies directly provide the basic livelihood to the fishing community as well as the rural populace. A large variety of freshwater fishes are found in Darbhanga district. However, Indian major carps are reign supreme for commercial significance. Realizing the importance of inland fishery sector, a 7 days training programme on “Inland Fisheries Management” has been organized at ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore during 07-13 February 2024 for the fishers of Darbhanga district of Bihar as a part of skill development and capacity building programme with a mission towards doubling the fishers’ income. A total of 30 fishers participated in the programme.

Inaugurating the programme, Dr. B.K. Das, Director ICAR-CIFRI emphasised on the skill development of the fishers on various aspects of inland fisheries management ensuring their sustainable livelihood security. He also urged the fishers to explore their available resources for optimum production and productivity by acquiring scientific knowledge and applications. During the training course, farmers have been trained on various aspects of inland fishery management such as, induced breeding, composite fish culture, nursery management, fish disease management, feed management, natural fish food organism, water quality management, ornamental fish culture etc. Besides, farmers were exposed to field visits included: Halisahar fish seed farm, ornamental fish markets, East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW), ICAR-CIFE Kolkata centre, ICAR-CIFA Kalyani fish farm etc. In addition, ornamental hatchery units and feed mill of ICAR-CIFRI were made available to them for hands-on training experience.

While addressing the participants in the valedictory session, Dr. B. K. Das, Director, CIFRI insisted the participants to engage themselves in fishery related income generating and profit-making activities. The feedback session was marked with overall satisfaction of the trainees admitting their up-scaling of knowledge which would be applied in their respective water resources. The training programme was organized under the leadership of Dr. B.K. Das and coordinated by Dr. Aparna Roy and Dr Suvra Roy with the technical assistance of Mr Sujit Choudhury ,Mr. Manabendra Roy, Dr Avishek Saha and Ms. Sadrupa Bhowmick .The training program is expected to pave the way for the participants to augment their family income through efficient fishery management.

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