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Dr Gurdyal Singh Sidhu, a distinguished alumnus of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) and former Professor, visited the university today and engaged in meaningful discussions with senior university officers, reflecting on his student days and subsequent career experiences. After completing his PhD in 1971, Dr Sidhu worked as an Assistant Rice Breeder at KVK Kapurthala.

His visit included a meeting with the Additional Director of Communication, Dr Tejinder Singh Riar, where he shared insights from his research project in Cambodia, emphasizing the significant learning derived from the experience. Dr Sidhu highlighted the transformative impact of his roles as Head of the Plant Breeding department and Regional Research Station Kapurthala Director. He underscored the importance of discipline and teamwork as essential elements for both personal and organizational success. Dr Sidhu emphasized the critical role of agriculture sustainability in shaping the planet’s future. He called upon the younger generation to actively contribute to this global cause.

Vice Chancellor Dr Gosal expressed appreciation for Dr Sidhu’s ongoing connection with his alma mater, emphasizing the high regard in which PAU holds its alumni.

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